Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Meetings

The MLB Winter Meetings is an exciting time for baseball fans.  Trades and signing free agents happen there, along with a plethora of rumors (most of which never pan out.)  It is fun to follow the rumors and see what may or may not happen.  Unfortunately the Dodgers will be on the sidelines for any respectable free agent (rumored to be dumpster diving to fill bench spots and the rotation), and any trades will be to get rid of guys up for a bigger payday.

Here is an example of what the Dodgers are rumored to be mulling:

" reports that the Dodgers are shopping setup man George Sherrill.

Since he spent two-thirds of the season as a closer before being traded to the Dodgers, Sherrill figures to make $4 million-$4.5 million in arbitration. He is worth it: he had a 1.70 ERA in 69 innings for the season and a 0.65 ERA in 27 2/3 innings after joining the Dodgers. Still, the ugly ownership situation in L.A. may result in him moving on again."

Sherrill was a stud for us, but he's going to make some cash, so out he goes.  

The Dodgers traded one of their top prospects for Sherrill, so if he indeed is traded, I hope the Dodgers get a return like the one they gave up.

We'll see what happens.  Here is one projection of the Dodger starting line up and rotation.  Let's just say there is a vast chasm in the rotation and at 2nd base.

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