Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dodger Update

Interesting article/interview of the new boss for the Dodgers, President Dennis Mannion found here.

Some tough, pointed questions were asked, but most were dodged.  Bill Shaikin pointed out many reasons why Dodger fans have a less than rosy view of the off season.  Mannion says you have to have perspective, not panic and have a fluid mind set.

The fluid that comes to mind is found in upchuck.

The article ends with:

"Is there anything other than action in your mind that is going to be able to convince fans that this organization is not limited by severe cost controls, given all the things we've talked about?

I think actions are the only way to speak to it.

Are you convinced you'll be able to show enough action soon?

I would hope so."

We are all hoping with you Mannion.

Credit to Buster Olney for this...which sums up what the Dodger situation reminded him of.

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