Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pierre (and cash) Traded for Nothing

Juan Pierre was traded today for two minor league players (the famous player(s) to be named later).  McCourt also will send $10.5 million next year, followed by $3 million the following year.  I can not remember the last time a "player to be named later" turned out to be worth anything.

So this looks/smells like a salary dump.

Business as usual, huh?

Dodger GM Ned Colletti says "This frees us up."  The Dodgers will gain $8 million dollars of savings this year, which is about what they saved when Manny was suspended last year.

Forgive me for not seeing the light on how this will free up anything.  The Dodgers did ZIP, NADA, NOTHING with the money saved from Manny getting caught on the pill.

It is feared that the Dodgers might trade a young player or two who is due a major raise.  Andre Ethier is the name I am reading.

I am just a fan, and by no way proclaim I know how to fix the problems the Dodgers are facing, but as a fan I sure don't like how things are going.  I'm all for keeping the plan under wraps to keep an edge on dealings, but right now it looks like a yard sale.  I hope to post later about what a nice job the Dodgers did to rebound to get their team in position to contend for a World Series.  Only time will tell...and time keeps on slipping.

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