Friday, November 11, 2011

Excuse Me Officer

I was driving my family to Arroyo Grande last weekend and experienced something I didn't know was possible...grace from an unexpected source.

I was driving on the 166, cruising along when I saw a car make a U-turn right after it passed me.  A few seconds later I saw the red lights turn on.  I looked down and saw I was driving around 75 mph.  I was driving my usual 10 mph over the suggested speed limit.

The officer walked up and asked for my license and said, "I got you going 76 in a 55."

"55??!! I'm sorry I thought the limit was 65."

"Nope, there are signs everywhere posting 55mph."

Great.  21mph over.  I'm cooked.

He then asked for the registration.  As we were getting that he asked, "Your kids sleeping?"  I'm thinking, play up the kid angle.  "No officer, two are watching a movie and one is crying."

I handed him the registration, yet he still was standing there.  My wife asked, "Do you need anything else?"


Oh yeah, don't know the drill of what to get out.  He took my stuff, and I wondered how much this ticket would cost.

He returned and asked, "Are you an officer?"

"No, but my dad and brother are."  Apparently my license is tagged restricted.  THANK YOU DAD.

So the officer told me to slow down.  I couldn't believe it.  I always heard CHP will ticket everyone, including their mothers.  The one speeding ticket I recieved was from a CHP.  Now I know there is at least one CHP with a heart. 

So I set the cruise control at 60mph until I hit the 101 freeway.  I felt like an old lady driving.  But as my wife pointed out, driving that slow didn't suck as much as paying for a ticket.

I'm just glad the officer didn't catch me when I was passing a few miles back (north of 90mph).

Happy Veteran's Day everyone!!