Friday, December 23, 2011

Revisiting the Best Christmas Movies

There are a lot of Christmas movies out there, but to me two movies standout...Christmas Vacation and The Christmas Story.  So many lines in those movies that have lasted the test of time.

If for some reason you have not seen these movies within a year or two, do yourself a favor and rent them, check that, BUY them and make them a holiday tradition.

Here are the trailers for these movies:

Christmas Vacation (1989)

The Christmas Story (1983)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Excuse Me Officer

I was driving my family to Arroyo Grande last weekend and experienced something I didn't know was possible...grace from an unexpected source.

I was driving on the 166, cruising along when I saw a car make a U-turn right after it passed me.  A few seconds later I saw the red lights turn on.  I looked down and saw I was driving around 75 mph.  I was driving my usual 10 mph over the suggested speed limit.

The officer walked up and asked for my license and said, "I got you going 76 in a 55."

"55??!! I'm sorry I thought the limit was 65."

"Nope, there are signs everywhere posting 55mph."

Great.  21mph over.  I'm cooked.

He then asked for the registration.  As we were getting that he asked, "Your kids sleeping?"  I'm thinking, play up the kid angle.  "No officer, two are watching a movie and one is crying."

I handed him the registration, yet he still was standing there.  My wife asked, "Do you need anything else?"


Oh yeah, don't know the drill of what to get out.  He took my stuff, and I wondered how much this ticket would cost.

He returned and asked, "Are you an officer?"

"No, but my dad and brother are."  Apparently my license is tagged restricted.  THANK YOU DAD.

So the officer told me to slow down.  I couldn't believe it.  I always heard CHP will ticket everyone, including their mothers.  The one speeding ticket I recieved was from a CHP.  Now I know there is at least one CHP with a heart. 

So I set the cruise control at 60mph until I hit the 101 freeway.  I felt like an old lady driving.  But as my wife pointed out, driving that slow didn't suck as much as paying for a ticket.

I'm just glad the officer didn't catch me when I was passing a few miles back (north of 90mph).

Happy Veteran's Day everyone!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dumb Idea That Made Tons of Money

A dumb idea can make a lot of money.  Don't believe me...

Exhibit A - The Pet Rock
Pick up a rock, package it, sell it, and make a ton of dough.

Exhibit B - The Pet Rock App
Yes people may have been duped in the 70s, but even now people have bought the dumb app for their smart phone.  Some of the comments left for this app are summed up with, "This app does nothing.  This is stupid.  What a waste of money."  What did you think you were buying???

Exhibit C - Bottled Water.

Once upon a time water was free.  There is a theory out there that bottled water started with a bet.  "Hey a bet I could sell water to people."  "Um, water is free.  Who would pay for it?"  "I'll just say it's better than free water."  Now, people buy it like it's toilet paper.

Exhibit D - New York City Garbage.

It's not garbage, it's art.  What a crock.  But for $50, you can buy trash from "New York City".  Oh la la!

Exhibit E -  Hello Cow

For $0.99 you can buy an app that has this picture of a cow.  Touch it and it moos.  That's it. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

People of WalMart, California

Here's another installment of People of WalMart, the California edition. (Credit for picture and some captions to the website).

"We have a lot of shopping to do at WalMart today...let's take the limotruck."

He's a HUGE fan of Cabbage Patch Kids.

Apparently Harry Carey has a twin sister...who loves looking like a cupcake.

Beautiful...just a waterfall.

Check out the talons on that babe.

The crazy old "cat woman" shops at WalMart.

Who hasn't forgotten to wipe their booty every once and a neither.

Don't know if you can see the moon pies...which I'm never eating again.

Nothing like relaxing in the WalMart parking.  This is taking carpooling too literally.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Things I Know Because I'm a Dad

As a dad you get a new perspective on life.  There are things that you become familiar with due to having a child (or children).  Here's a list of things that I know now (or know more about) due to my kids.

1. There are more than 5 types of dinosaurs.  My oldest son, Jackson, is (according to himself) a "dino-expert."  He loves dinosaurs and knows a lot about them...even how to pronounce their names.

2. Getting up at 6:30 can be considered sleeping in.  Unfortunately ALL my kids are early risers.  Generally they are awake in the 5 o'clock hour.  Sometimes we are lucky in that our youngest will "sleep in" while the older two will get up and watch TV, as Jackson is very proficient in using the DVR remote.

3. My list of shows recorded are mostly kid shows.  Every parent gets familiar with popular kid shows.  My kids love Backyardigans, Curious George, Wild Kratts, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Dino Dan to name a few. 

 4.  Formula is crazy expensive and doesn't last very long.  My wife breast fed all of our children, except a few weeks towards the end with our oldest.  Couldn't believe how much money we spent for just a few weeks.

5.  You can get sick of going to McDonald's.  I remember my dad telling me he hated going to McDonald's because we went there so often growing up.  I thought back then, "How can going to eat at McDonald's get old?"  I now know it is possible.

6.  A dinner with just my wife seems foreign.  Every now and again my wife and I will go out to eat, just the two of us.  We are so use to being preoccupied by our children, that without them we are just sitting there...looking at each other...thinking, "Oh yeah, this is what it was like!"  We love our kids, but it is nice to have a break.

7.  Nap time is GOLDEN!  Especially with 3 kids, one being a baby.  Usually they all start their naps at the same time.  On a good day, they all sleep for 2+ hours.  A little peace of mind...especially when you've lost half of it in the morning.

8.  Coming home from work is my favorite part of my day.  For the last few years, when I get home from work I am greeted with, "DADDY'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  They run to me and give me hugs.  Will is now old enough to where he, too, will walk over and want me to hold him and he'll give me hugs or pats on the back.  I know this stage will end at some point, but I'm loving it now.

9.  You really can love all your kids the same.  Growing up you ask your parents, "Who do you love the most?" thinking, of course, you already know the answer.  Then they tell you, "I love you all the same."  Now as a parent, I understand.  I can't imagine life without one of them.  I would miss them all the same.  I love them equally.  I love them unconditionally.

10. God's love is unconditional.  It's hard to grasp the concept of unconditional love, until you love someone unconditionally.  God made us and wants a relationship with us, and loves us...He is our Father.  Kind of like how I love my kids and want a relationship with them.  And all they have to do for me to love them is...breathe.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Person of Interest

Looking for a new show to watch...or should I say TiVo, DVR, etc?

Person of Interest on Thursday nights is a good one. 

Of course my favorite show is still Survivor.  Here's a disgusting scene from last weeks episode.

Hungry anyone?


Friday, August 19, 2011

Who is the Best Pitcher in the National League?

The Cy Young Award goes to the best pitcher in each league.  Usually every year there are multiple pitchers who have a great case to win this award.  This year is no exception.

Last year the award went to Roy Halladay and it was an easy choice.  The guy had great numbers and threw a no hitter AND a perfect game.  This year he is at it again making big league hitters look like frosh/soph baseball players.  His team, the Phillies, have the best record.  All signs pointing to him having another Cy Young trophy in his trophy case.

But in my book, if the season ended today, he would not be the winner.

Granted I am a Dodger homer, but here is my case that Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in the National League.

Baseball freaks love stats, so let's start there.
Roy Halladay: 15-5 record, 2.53 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, 177 Ks in 184.2 innings pitched
Clayton Kershaw: 15-5 record, 2.60 ERA, 1.01 WHIP, 199 Ks in 183.2 innings pitched

Roy has 7 complete games, CK has 4, but CK has 2 shutouts, Roy has 0.

Considering that Roy has a legitimate All-Star lineup behind him while the Dodgers feature mostly has-been, probably-won't-be, and never will-be players, it's astounding that Kershaw has 15 wins.

Kershaw, at the ripe age of 23, has a legit shot at the Cy Young Award this year...and probably the next 10 years (assuming he stays healthy).  If he continues his dominance since the All-Star break (6-1 record, 1.53 ERA, 0.92 WHIP, 52 Ks in 53 innings), then I think he seals the deal.

Hopefully McCourt sells the Dodgers and the new owner locks up Kershaw.  If not, then I guess I will be rooting for him from afar as he dominates as a Yankee or Red Sox.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Do I Need to Know Math???

I get this question ALL THE TIME from my students..."Why do we need to know math?" 

Here's what happened today to show why knowing some basic math would be helpful.

We bought an item that was priced $20 and marked 40% off.  The 40% would be taken off at the register.  

When we were checking out, the cashier ripped off the UPC code sticker to scan it due to the size of the item and the lack of having a handheld device.  As she was doing this she said, "Got to be careful that I don't..."  RIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP.  " that." 

She tried a couple different ways to scan it but it didn't work.

So she typed in the price, "$19.99".  I reminded her about the 40% discount.  She called for help. 

When helped arrived, they came to the conclusion that it should be marked down 40%.  Here's the conversation:

Helper:  "Go ahead and mark it off 40%."
Cashier: "Get a calculator, I don't know what 40% off is."
Brief Pause

Help: "...Just put $10."
Cashier: {after Helper left} "That's like half off."

Yep, yes it is.  If you know how much we should have paid, thank your math teacher.