Sunday, December 27, 2009

Which Side of the Bed?

As I Googled this topic I have found two main reasons for why people sleep on a certain side of the bed.  #1) Men tend to sleep on the side closest to the door, or #2) Men sleep on the side that their dad slept on.

As for me, I follow reason #2 which happens to not coincide with reason #1.  If you are looking at the bed as you stand at the foot of the bed, I sleep on the right.

For those who say I should be sleeping on the other side since it is closest to the door, I say I am.  I sleep closest to the door that leads to the outside of our house.

So I ask, which side do you sleep on and why?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trivia Anyone?

My newest addiction is found at  There is a plethora of subjects to quiz your skills.  I generally lean towards the trivia on sports.  Unfortunately there are a lot of topics in the sports section that I have little to no info on, such as hockey, soccer, Olympic events just to name a few.

The one quiz that I take regularly is the quiz on Naming the Presidents.  You have 10 minutes to name all the presidents.  You type in a name (spelling counts) and it puts it in the order for you, which is helpful.  I don't know why I am so addicted to this one in particular.  Maybe someday it will come in handy...but probably not.  I did learn from doing that quiz that four presidents have been assassinated, not just two. 

So if you like trivia, or are bored, check out

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dodger Update

Interesting article/interview of the new boss for the Dodgers, President Dennis Mannion found here.

Some tough, pointed questions were asked, but most were dodged.  Bill Shaikin pointed out many reasons why Dodger fans have a less than rosy view of the off season.  Mannion says you have to have perspective, not panic and have a fluid mind set.

The fluid that comes to mind is found in upchuck.

The article ends with:

"Is there anything other than action in your mind that is going to be able to convince fans that this organization is not limited by severe cost controls, given all the things we've talked about?

I think actions are the only way to speak to it.

Are you convinced you'll be able to show enough action soon?

I would hope so."

We are all hoping with you Mannion.

Credit to Buster Olney for this...which sums up what the Dodger situation reminded him of.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Mo Birthday Suits

Apparently your home is no longer your own domain.  A man (father of a 5 year old girl) in Virginia was recently convicted of walking around in his own house in his birthday suit.  A woman was walking her 7 year old son to school and noticed the naked man through the doorway and then again through a window without drapes.  

The man claims he had just got up in the morning, on his way to make coffee (yes in the nude) and was unaware anyone was looking in the house from outside in the dark morning.

To be sure of the crime, the mother got a better look by going up to the doorway and then following him around to a window without blinds.

Sounds to me that this could be a Peeping Tom situation.

Butt then again, the man was doing jumping jacks right in front of the window.

Okay, maybe some of that aren't the facts of the case, but it seems there is more to this story.

So to avoid future occurrences, be sure to at least put on some socks buddy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pierre (and cash) Traded for Nothing

Juan Pierre was traded today for two minor league players (the famous player(s) to be named later).  McCourt also will send $10.5 million next year, followed by $3 million the following year.  I can not remember the last time a "player to be named later" turned out to be worth anything.

So this looks/smells like a salary dump.

Business as usual, huh?

Dodger GM Ned Colletti says "This frees us up."  The Dodgers will gain $8 million dollars of savings this year, which is about what they saved when Manny was suspended last year.

Forgive me for not seeing the light on how this will free up anything.  The Dodgers did ZIP, NADA, NOTHING with the money saved from Manny getting caught on the pill.

It is feared that the Dodgers might trade a young player or two who is due a major raise.  Andre Ethier is the name I am reading.

I am just a fan, and by no way proclaim I know how to fix the problems the Dodgers are facing, but as a fan I sure don't like how things are going.  I'm all for keeping the plan under wraps to keep an edge on dealings, but right now it looks like a yard sale.  I hope to post later about what a nice job the Dodgers did to rebound to get their team in position to contend for a World Series.  Only time will tell...and time keeps on slipping.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brian Regan

Brian Regan is my favorite comedian.  Here is a sample of his work.  If you haven't heard of him, check out his bits on Youtube.


Tiger Joke

I've heard many jokes about Tiger Woods lately and have received many forward emails about Woods and his ladies.  Out of all the jokes I like this one the most.  (Credit to Jay Leno)

Q: What is the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Claus?

A: Santa stops after three hoes.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guess I'm Not Alone

The Dodgers say it all with their silence 


Dodgers' cost at winter meetings not an arm and a leg, just 2 arms 


Dodgers frozen, and falling behind

There is still time...but sitting this out is not a good sign.  I don't have a good feeling about this.

Monday, December 7, 2009

BCS Championship Game - Two Smart Teams

Alabama vs. Texas.  Congrats to you both for running the table.  Both teams made certain that if they won out in their conference that they would go undefeated.

Here are the non-conference games each played:

Virgina Tech (neutral site)
vs, Florida International
vs. North Texas
vs. Chattanooga

Virgina Tech is a real game, but the other three are like playing The Sisters of the Poor, The School of the Blind, and Team Patti-cake.

vs. Louisiana-Monroe
@ Wyoming
vs. UTEP
vs. Central Florida

Not exactly stellar opponents either.

I'm not a fan of either team, but I'd say Texas will have their hands full.

With all the crap that gets talked about the BCS, rightfully so, they did get it right this year.  Their job is to pit the two best teams against each other in the National Championship Game.  So congrats to Boise State, Cincinnati, and TCU for their undefeated seasons. 

All the other BCS games are about MONEY.  Even if there are three undefeated teams when all is said and done, nothing will change until the MONEY mandates a playoff. 

NCAA division I football I believe is the only sport that does not have a playoff.  Even Little League has one.  If they do institute a playoff system, I believe that it would be bigger than March Madness.  It's a shame we won't have one anytime soon. 

Winter Meetings

The MLB Winter Meetings is an exciting time for baseball fans.  Trades and signing free agents happen there, along with a plethora of rumors (most of which never pan out.)  It is fun to follow the rumors and see what may or may not happen.  Unfortunately the Dodgers will be on the sidelines for any respectable free agent (rumored to be dumpster diving to fill bench spots and the rotation), and any trades will be to get rid of guys up for a bigger payday.

Here is an example of what the Dodgers are rumored to be mulling:

" reports that the Dodgers are shopping setup man George Sherrill.

Since he spent two-thirds of the season as a closer before being traded to the Dodgers, Sherrill figures to make $4 million-$4.5 million in arbitration. He is worth it: he had a 1.70 ERA in 69 innings for the season and a 0.65 ERA in 27 2/3 innings after joining the Dodgers. Still, the ugly ownership situation in L.A. may result in him moving on again."

Sherrill was a stud for us, but he's going to make some cash, so out he goes.  

The Dodgers traded one of their top prospects for Sherrill, so if he indeed is traded, I hope the Dodgers get a return like the one they gave up.

We'll see what happens.  Here is one projection of the Dodger starting line up and rotation.  Let's just say there is a vast chasm in the rotation and at 2nd base.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who Am I?

I've had a thought going through my head lately and I thought I'd write about it and see if I can gain some knowledge. 

Who is Jesus?

As a Christian I have a view of who He is and what He was about while He was here on Earth.  But I've been thinking about what other people think/believe.

So when you want to find info nowadays you just Google it.  (I informed Rebecca of my online searches on Islam and Muslim beliefs so that if we get a call or a visit from Big Brother, or put on a terrorist list, she'll know why.)  I was wondering what other religions think and I came across this website's chart.  The website's chart has 13 religions listed and asked the following questions: 1) God/Man  2) Who Jesus was  3) Jesus' Purpose  4) Resurrection Happened

Now I have a long way to go to understand each religion's view of Jesus and their top principles, but I am interested in having a basic understanding of other religions.  Islam, Mormonism, & Jehovah's Witness are the big three that I am trying to educate myself on (Islam is the one I lack the most on.)

The reason for the interest is to have intelligent conversations with non-Christians about who Jesus is.  I actually look forward to talking to the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses who come by our neighborhood.

For me, there is only one place to find the truth about Jesus, which is the Bible.  John 14:6 says, "For I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."  So I then go to look about what other religions say about Jesus.  Since I believe Jesus is the key to salvation, then I think He is a subject I should be well versed on.

In my opinion people should have radical view of Jesus.  Either He is who He says He is, or He was a crazy person.  Many people claim to be the Son of God, and all of them except Jesus are crazy people in my mind.

So as we get ready to celebrate His birth, I have Him on my mind...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Deep Thoughts

I wanted to share a comment from one of my students today.  At the end of the assignment today I asked them to tell me what they thought one of the quotes on the board meant. 

One student picked this quote:

"The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm." Swedish Proverb

My student wrote:

"I think the Swedish proverb means that you should always try to help yourself, unless you have no hands."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

McCourt Fails to Make Sense

Today was not a good day to be a Dodger fan.  Today the Dodgers decided not to offer salary arbitration for arguably their best starter (Randy Wolf) last year and to their All-Star/Gold Glove winning second baseman (Orlando Hudson).  Both players will be looking for multi-year deals and would have brought the Dodgers draft picks if they sign with other ballclubs.  But instead, McCourt feared that they would accept arbitration, which means they would have agreed to take a one year deal and would be in line for a raise.

The Dodgers reduced their payroll by $20 million last year (not counting the savings from Manny's suspension).  They are looking at reducing their payroll AGAIN this year.

Does this mean they will be lowering ticket prices?  Nope, they aren't even keeping tickets at the same price, but will increase some ticket prices.  How about parking?  I haven't heard the plan there, but it cost $15 last year, which is ridiculous. 

If it gets more expensive for parking and tickets and whatever else they add, then I say let's do what T.J. Simers suggests in staying home and watching the Dodgers on TV.  This way I save time and money AND give tribute to Vin Scully, who just might be done after next season.

McCourt, Dodger fans are paying attention to what you are doing, or should I say what you are NOT doing.  I hope that there is more to your plan.  You say it is business as usual for the Dodgers, nothing affecting the club due to your divorce.  Well, I sure hope you have something up your sleeve.  If not, then I say SELL THE TEAM!