Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Mo Birthday Suits

Apparently your home is no longer your own domain.  A man (father of a 5 year old girl) in Virginia was recently convicted of walking around in his own house in his birthday suit.  A woman was walking her 7 year old son to school and noticed the naked man through the doorway and then again through a window without drapes.  

The man claims he had just got up in the morning, on his way to make coffee (yes in the nude) and was unaware anyone was looking in the house from outside in the dark morning.

To be sure of the crime, the mother got a better look by going up to the doorway and then following him around to a window without blinds.

Sounds to me that this could be a Peeping Tom situation.

Butt then again, the man was doing jumping jacks right in front of the window.

Okay, maybe some of that aren't the facts of the case, but it seems there is more to this story.

So to avoid future occurrences, be sure to at least put on some socks buddy.

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