Monday, December 7, 2009

BCS Championship Game - Two Smart Teams

Alabama vs. Texas.  Congrats to you both for running the table.  Both teams made certain that if they won out in their conference that they would go undefeated.

Here are the non-conference games each played:

Virgina Tech (neutral site)
vs, Florida International
vs. North Texas
vs. Chattanooga

Virgina Tech is a real game, but the other three are like playing The Sisters of the Poor, The School of the Blind, and Team Patti-cake.

vs. Louisiana-Monroe
@ Wyoming
vs. UTEP
vs. Central Florida

Not exactly stellar opponents either.

I'm not a fan of either team, but I'd say Texas will have their hands full.

With all the crap that gets talked about the BCS, rightfully so, they did get it right this year.  Their job is to pit the two best teams against each other in the National Championship Game.  So congrats to Boise State, Cincinnati, and TCU for their undefeated seasons. 

All the other BCS games are about MONEY.  Even if there are three undefeated teams when all is said and done, nothing will change until the MONEY mandates a playoff. 

NCAA division I football I believe is the only sport that does not have a playoff.  Even Little League has one.  If they do institute a playoff system, I believe that it would be bigger than March Madness.  It's a shame we won't have one anytime soon. 


  1. I hear team Patti-Cake have a great tight end.

    Part of the problem is a playoff just makes too much sense Logan. That would turn college football instantly into one of the most exciting sports. And why would they want that when the Good Ol' Boy club have their monopoly. They deserve it because they win over and over which means they get more media, more money, and better prospects in a rigid caste system. God forbid there was ACTUAL competition in amateur sports!

    And if there were playoffs, it could make the season a little longer which would make MORE money for the schools, and prepare the lucky players that go on to the nfl for a longer season so they don't hit that rookie wall when they do get there.

    Cinderella stories are great for any sport. College football should take that glass slipper out of their locked safe and start looking for their true destiny.

    If money really is all that matters, if college football is just a business, well then players should get paid and they should call it what it is. Semi-pro entertainment, a step above the WWF cuz they are playing off a script. And frankly, I'm getting bored.

  2. Common sense rarely works out, especially with big business. Sometimes people have their heads so far up their @$$ that they can see what's right in front of them (they're too focused on the backside.)