Tuesday, December 1, 2009

McCourt Fails to Make Sense

Today was not a good day to be a Dodger fan.  Today the Dodgers decided not to offer salary arbitration for arguably their best starter (Randy Wolf) last year and to their All-Star/Gold Glove winning second baseman (Orlando Hudson).  Both players will be looking for multi-year deals and would have brought the Dodgers draft picks if they sign with other ballclubs.  But instead, McCourt feared that they would accept arbitration, which means they would have agreed to take a one year deal and would be in line for a raise.

The Dodgers reduced their payroll by $20 million last year (not counting the savings from Manny's suspension).  They are looking at reducing their payroll AGAIN this year.

Does this mean they will be lowering ticket prices?  Nope, they aren't even keeping tickets at the same price, but will increase some ticket prices.  How about parking?  I haven't heard the plan there, but it cost $15 last year, which is ridiculous. 

If it gets more expensive for parking and tickets and whatever else they add, then I say let's do what T.J. Simers suggests in staying home and watching the Dodgers on TV.  This way I save time and money AND give tribute to Vin Scully, who just might be done after next season.

McCourt, Dodger fans are paying attention to what you are doing, or should I say what you are NOT doing.  I hope that there is more to your plan.  You say it is business as usual for the Dodgers, nothing affecting the club due to your divorce.  Well, I sure hope you have something up your sleeve.  If not, then I say SELL THE TEAM!

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