Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As a math teacher I am always asked, "Why do we need to know this?"  I usually respond with a general answer of, "So you can A) get a good grade on the assignment/assessment, B) pass this class, and C) so you can graduate high school."

You can probably tell that really inspires them and they get to work.

Or not.

So I ask you, loyal readers, to post a comment about how you use math in your daily life and at work.  I get that many of you don't use the quadratic equation, but even how basic math skills come into play in your day would be helpful.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated as I try to motivate my students to learn.


  1. I was at lunch today with myself and four guys and the bill came which was $72. I figured $13 for a tip (I wanted it to be at least 15%)and divided $85 by 5 and told the group each would owe $17. Everyone was agreable and we paid the bill. All the math was done in my head and that is why I think it is important. EZ/GP

  2. You have 10 grams of dope and you are going to step on it one time. You then would have 20 grams of dope. If you bought it for $50 and you could sell a gram for $10 bucks, you then would know that you would gross $200 of retail and net $150. EZ/GP

  3. The solution to the quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0 is based on > than a field goal in each quadrant but < two touch downs per quadrant. On these presumptions, what should the over/under be. EZ/GP

  4. Looks like I found the extra credit question for tomorrow's test. Thanks Dad!