Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giving Him His Due

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USC got smoked today, giving them their 3rd loss this season with a few games left. Gone are the hopes of another BCS game. Gone are the hopes of another Pac 10 title.

There are many factors into why 'SC is having an "off year", but this is about giving Pete Carroll, his staff, and his players their due.

Growing up as a Trojan fan, I endured through a long stretch of sucking. Most of my teen years were filled with SC being mediocre at best. SC had long losing streaks versus their rivals Notre Dame and UCLA. But then Mr. Pete Carroll came to campus and things changed.

After going 6-6 his first year in 2001, USC returned to dominance starting in 2002. Since then (not counting this year) USC went 82-9, 6-1 in BCS games, and claiming 2 titles.

In that stretch USC lost ONE (which is the last time it happened) non-conference game during the regular season (2002, at Kansas State, back when they were actually good), and one bowl game (arguably the greatest college football game ever).

USC has always played a tough non-conference schedule, routinely playing BCS division teams (unlike many top teams like Florida, Alabama, LSU, Texas and the like).

So this year it finally catches up to USC. Well, congrats on all the success. And here's to continued success.


  1. Hopefully SC is just retying their shoes and will be back at it next year.