Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My TiVo List

Here are the shows that I watch:


This is the show that I’ve watched the longest.  I haven’t seen all the seasons; I think I missed two or three seasons.  This is a great reality show in my opinion.  This season has been great.


Talk about a confusing, frustrating show, yet so good.  Rebecca and I watched old episodes via DVD to get caught up, and now know why there were two polar bears on a tropical island.  The final season starts in January.  I hate that it doesn’t start in the fall like most other shows.


Once again, hate the show because it starts in January, but outside of that, LOVE this show.  Jack Bauer is the man.  Great concept of a show, one day in the life of the USA in crisis, only to be saved by Jack Bauer time and time again.

Biggest Loser-NBC

Starting watching this show a few years ago, usually while eating my dessert (usually ice cream).  Amazing to see what people can do when they get top of the line training and their only job is to work out.


This show makes the list, but is a low priority.  We usually watch it on days we have nothing new to view.

The Office-NBC  

For YEARS, my mom asked us, “Do you watch The Office?”  Well, I should have listened to my mom a long time ago.  Thursday night was a full night and we already had two shows during that time slot.  But when Grissom left CSI, that opened up a time slot for The Office.  Last summer Beck and I caught up watching reruns on TBS (very funny).  This is one of our favorites.

Grey’s Anatomy-ABC

This show has many characters that I don’t particularly like, but it’s generally entertaining.  So much drama on this show.

The Closer-TBS

We started watching this because it was the only thing new that ran during the summer.  After watching the first show, we had our doubts.  But we gave it a few more tries, and now we love it.  Glad we stuck with it.

American Idol-FOX

I usually stop watching faithfully once the bozos leave.  Now that the biggest bozo left (Paula), maybe I’ll watch a little more (she killed me!)   I love Simon and his way of doing things.

World Series Of Poker-ESPN

Always fun to watch the worlds best players go up against a huge field of guys like you and me.  $8.5 million to the winner this year, all of 21 years of age.  It’s all down hill from there buddy.
These shows help me get through the dog days of no baseball.  Only 81 days until pitchers and catchers report!

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