Saturday, November 14, 2009

Show & Tell Mishap

I found this story mildly interesting. In Florida, a father decided to bring a 5 foot alligator to his little girl's show and tell at school. On the way there, the alligator jumped out of the truck, but the father says not to worry. One, the mouth was taped together. Two, the alligator doesn't eat during the winter and by the time it needs to eat the tape will work its way off.

He did state the obvious which I will translate, "Do not fail the idiot test and try to take the tape off the mouth of a live alligator. You may need help opening jars in the future if you do."

I guess a loose alligator is not to be of concern, at least in Florida. I'm sure the little guy will make his way back to the appropriate "home". But then again, what's not to say he wants revenge for all the trauma he was put through. He eats like a mad gator, training for the confrontation, growing like a weed...then you hear a knock on the back door...

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