Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Thank You

7 Things I am not a fan of:

CatsI don't know about you, but my nose itches just looking at this picture. I am allergic to cats and therefore have no interest in them. Plus they are rude...they think our sand pit in our backyard is a community litter box.

Slow DriversHonestly, can you AT LEAST drive the speed limit. The fast lane is not for driving the speed limit. If you are uncomfortable going over 50 mph, ride the bus.

The Dodgers are my all time favorite team, and therefore I hate the Giants. If you like them, we all have our faults. At least you don't have Barriod Bonds anymore.

Apple juice, apple cider...might as well be ipecac. The weird thing is I love apples, apple pies, apple foods.

I understand most people love tuna. Calling it "Chicken of the Sea" doesn't make it taste like chicken. Gross.

I can stand only a tad of mustard on certain things. A bunch of mustard on a hot dog or hamburger is repulsive.

Country MusicI've had many people try to get me to like country, but it just isn't my thing. It's not that I am anti-country music, I'm just never going to voluntarily turn the radio to a country station.


  1. Country hates you too! Country, Tuna, and Apple Juice are great. I'm with you on cats and Giants!

  2. Enjoy your apple juice as it washes down your tuna sandwich while listening to a song about a man torn between two lovers...his sister and his cousin.