Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frank(ly), We Have a Problem

I have a gripe, and I thought what's a better place to do it but on my blog.

Baseball free agency is here and once again we are seeing that the Los Angeles Dodgers of Brooklyn are shrinking into a small market team.  When baseball writers are mentioning "Big Market, Big Payroll teams" and the list does not include the Dodgers...we've got a problem.

The Dodgers' payroll last year was a hair over $100 million last year (not counting the discount they received by Manny getting busted for 50 games.)  That puts them #9, behind Houston, Philadelphia, and Detroit.  That puts them just above Seattle and Atlanta.

The Dodgers need to be a big boy club.  They are in a huge market, have the largest stadium (capacity-wise), and had the highest attendance in all of MLB in 2009.

Yet they run their team like a 2nd tier club.

Sure they have spent money in the past on big contracts (Manny, Schmidt, Kevin Brown), but I can't remember them being a Top 5 team in payroll.  What pisses me off is that the Angels are considered a big boy club and the Dodgers are not.

Frank McCourt has a rep of being cheap.  He doesn't want to be a big payroll guy.  Well, get out of LA.  Use your divorce as an excuse.

Step up, or step down.  Use some of the billion dollar worth you have and invest wisely.  You have a city that supports your team.  Step up.

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