Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's Worse

Sad story all around on this one.  A Las Vegas "pack rat" went missing, or so the husband thought.  As the story unfolds, the missing wife was found in the house...FOUR MONTHS LATER.  

Despite help from the local police force and search crews, the missing wife was not found.  It wasn't until the husband spotted her feet while he was walking around the house.
So I ask you, what's worse:

1) You go through all the efforts, worry, etc trying to find your wife, only to find out she never left the house.  (That's a lot of...stuff, to be able to not notice her).

2) Living with a corpse for FOUR MONTHS.  Wow.

3) How bad is the "normal" odor in this house so that a decomposing body could go unnoticed for that long?  In the story, there is mention that police dogs couldn't even pick up the scent from the body.

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