Sunday, January 3, 2010

Loving It!!!

Every baseball fan looks forward to passing on their love for the game and the Dodgers (or some other team I guess) to their children.  I've been hard at work on this since Jackson joined the scene.  Jackson has gone to a handful of baseball games over the last few years.  Brooklyn also made it to her first game last year.

We all made it to the last game of the year.

Jackson loves going to Dodger games.  He especially likes all the treats that are available.  So it is safe to say he is well on his way to gaining an appreciation for (Dodger) baseball.

So the real test came this Christmas, as I got him some whiffle balls, a bat, and a tee.  To my excitement he asked if he could go hit the balls outside the same day he got the gift (Christmas Eve).  Christmas morning came and even with the excitement of more presents he asked to go hit balls again.

He was not interested in many tips.  So I let him go for it.

Turns out he is a lefty (throwing too).

He was hitting line drives and grounders to the 5.5 hole (between shortstop and 3rd base) ala Gwynn

He did a great job of keeping his eye on the ball.

I even got him to run around a makeshift baseball diamond.  Fun times!

**Credit to Mrs. Rebecca Street for her photography skills


  1. ICHIRO!!!! That's awesome kid!


  2. Eye on the ball, hips leading the way. Looks like a natural.