Sunday, January 10, 2010

Say WHAT!!!!

Billy Bob is driving down the country road and gets pulled over for speeding.  He receives his ticket and pays the $250 fine.  Three days later he comes into huge money and is now a multi-millionare.  To celebrate he takes a trip to France to buy his dream car.  After purchasing his car, he tests it out to see what it's made of.  He rips through the gears, passing triple digits.

Then he sees flashing lights behind him, chuckling at getting another ticket within a week.  He thinks to himself, "I wonder how much speeding tickets are here."  He continues to laugh thinking with his fortune, and wondering how bad could it be.

The officer lets him know the infraction, and Billy Bob gladly signs it.  Billy Bob asks, "So how much will I owe for this?"  The officer asks, "Well what are you worth?"  Billy proudly replies, "I'm worth $400 million.  Just came into the money."

The officers starts busting up laughing.  Billy Bob is starting to get annoyed, "What's so funny?"  The officers replies, "We'll you see, here in little ole France we fine based on how wealthy you are.  So my best guess is it will cost you about $245,000."

Billy Bob turns ghostly white and thinks, "F'n French!"

**This story was inspired by the following article:,2933,582722,00.html?test=latestnews

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