Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can You Imagine?

Hugo Chavez has a great imagination and obviously is a big fan of Sci-Fi movies.  He believes the U.S.A. is responsible for the earthquake in Haiti.  Apparently we have a way to create earthquakes at will.  

Chavez points out that the U.S. has sent military personnel to Haiti with the guise of offering aide, but the real mission is to occupy the country.

This is the same Chavez that blames capitalism for the climate crisis.

So as you can see, he's pretty smart.

Chavez also points to the documentary of ABC on Wednesday nights that shows the U.S. has other mind boggling powers.  In the documentary it shows how the U.S. has the ability to move islands from place to place, which also enables time travel.  He admits to being "LOST" at times while watching the documentary.  

Speaking of LOST, I am a little nervous that in this final season that is it just going to get crazy weird and leaving us with something to be desired (that's what she said.)



  1. it better explain everything, or im gonna be angry. maybe the whole concept of the show was to show 5 years of episodes and at the very end, leave everyone saying, "wait...i'm lost (as in i dont get it)".

  2. Last season it started getting a little weird. Hopefully it will end nicely.