Monday, July 12, 2010

Sorry Kids

Yesterday me and the family were shopping at Target.  Brooklyn was sitting in the "front row", while Jackson was in the section for all the stuff you buy.  We turn the corner out of an aisle, into a main thoroughfare, and then I smelled a horrific odor.
I then ask Brooklyn, "Did you go poopoo?" As I get her to stand up, Rebecca comments, "Is that her?  That reeks really bad."  So I check her diaper, and it's clean.

Honestly, who checks a diaper the way shown for INCORRECT??

I digress...So after seeing Brooke was clean, I asked Jackson, "Did you fart?"

It smelled awful, and I was starting to think, "There is no way one of my kids is capable of this."

Then I notice a married couple standing about 4 feet away.  They are probably in their 50s.  As we are going through this dialogue I notice they start to walk ahead of us, but only a few feet farther down.  After I asked Jack if he was responsible for this horrid stench, I notice that the wife is a little blush, trying not to laugh.  Meanwhile the husband has a sheepish grin, which I knew exactly what that meant....

IT WAS ME!!!!!!

Well done sir.

We got a good kick out of it, but I'm sure not as much as that guy will telling his buddies how he ripped one in Target and two little kids got blamed for it