Friday, June 4, 2010

Lord of the Flies

So we have been getting more flies in our house of late, and I am getting more proficient at killing the little buggers.  Most of them have been rather large.  So to make sure that I kill them, I smash them with a piece of paper, tissue or something like that (I've had a few fly away after I hit them.) 

Well the bad part about smashing them is finding out that the fly is a female.  Once today and once yesterday I found out the gross, but interesting way...maggots come out!!!
After googling for a picture of baby maggots, I didn't find anything that gave a good picture of what it looks like...which is probably a good thing.  FYI:  If you need to throw up, but can't make yourself do it, just google fly maggots.  I almost hurled a few times.

Let's just say that when you squish the fly and the guts come out, you can tell it's a mom when the guts start crawling around.
If you we're curious about how baby flies are made...this should explain.

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