Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They Finally Did It

Frosh/Soph Update:

Today we played a team that we should beat...and we did just that (16 to 1).  The boys played well and pulled off the old hidden ball trick.

With two outs a runner advanced to third base.  The third baseman did not throw the ball back to the pitcher, but walked away from the base slightly as if he did.  The pitcher walked towards the mound, but stayed off the dirt of the mound (very important part of the trick).  The runner then took his lead and the third baseman applied the tag.  Our fans started yelling, "He's out, he's out!"  It caught the umpire, the third base coach, and myself by surprise.

There was a short protest by the coach, but I explained how our pitcher stayed off the mound so that the play was legal.

I was impressed.

We try it all the time in inter squad games, and they have asked many questions on how to do it in a game.  They were going to try it in a game last week, but they didn't do it properly and the pitcher "chickened out".  Good thing too, because it would have been an illegal play.

So, we'll see if they can do it again this year.  I'm guessing they'll try to do it every game.  It was pretty sweet, even though the opposing coach wasn't thrilled (we were up 13-0 at the time), but I think he was more embarrassed that it happened two feet in front of him.

So we are in first place in league (1-0), and we'll take it!

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