Friday, March 19, 2010

March Madness

March 17th (St. Patty's Day/My birthday)
I called in sick due to irritable bowel syndrome.  After pounding Kaopectate I was able to recover enough (barely) for our baseball game.  As I got to the field I kept hearing, "Happy birthday Coach" and "Are you feeling better yet?"

(Hope I don't have to run to the bathroom during the game.)

We played a team that crushed us twice last year, but we were ready to have a different experience this time.  We were doing great, making defensive plays, getting timely hitting, and building a lead.  We headed into the last inning (which is the 7th in high school) with the score BHS 6, FHS 2. 

(Feeling better, this will be a good victory for us.)

On the first pitch, we hit the batter.  Later we made a few errors.  The lead is now down to one, tying run on third, two outs.  The batter gets jammed and floats one just over the first baseman...tie game.

(Stomach is getting queasy.)

Both teams quickly make outs and it's on to the 10th.  Two outs, nobody on and a groundball right to our 2nd baseman...and on to the outfield. 


Runner ends up scoring and we go 1, 2, 3...ballgame. 

(Happy birthday Coach.)

March 18th

We play a much easier match up and jump out to a 13-1 lead after the 2nd inning.

(Feeling better.  This is the time to get guys in that haven't played yet this year.)

We stop hitting, start making errors, and watch our lead dwindle.

(This is why 1) these guys don't get much PT and 2) there should be a cut policy.)

Rebecca and the kids get to the game and watch us continue to stink up the field.

(Brooke sure does look cute today.  Are we about to lose?)

The time limit is about up (2 hour time limit), and the umpire informs us this will be the last inning.  The score is now 13-9.

(Wait, we were up 4 going into the last inning yesterday...oh no.)

First two batters walk.


Next three batters make outs.  Rebecca comments, "You guys won that game?" (When she got there she only saw the other team score...a lot.)

(Thank you!!!)


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