Monday, March 1, 2010

March is the Best Month


March is the best month of the year, hands down.  Need convincing...

1) March Madness- I'm not a big fan of college basketball, but I do love the tournament.

2) MLB starts up.  Spring training begins, and the season almost is here (it used to start in March).

3) NBA is still going on, Lakers are going for another title.

4) Spring starts.  Who doesn't like spring?

5) St. Patty's Day- Which happens to be my birthday.

6) Daylight Savings begins!

7) Spring break-doesn't always happen in March, but it will begin this year in March.

8) My anniversary- LOVE YA BABE!

9) High School Baseball- I coach the Frosh-Soph team at Bakersfield High School.  First game is tomorrow.

10) One month closer to summer vacation!

Feel free to add more if you'd like.  Best month...let's enjoy!


  1. 11. The Olympics are finally over! :)

  2. I meant to watch that...oh well.

  3. LOGAN...WTH? Draft?


  4. The Draft will get its own post. But yes, it was omitted by accident somehow.