Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our First Camping Trip

We are not what you call "the outdoors type".  The thought that comes into our heads when we hear "roughing it", is staying at an Hotel 5 or Sleezy 8.  But now we have children and the list of "Things I'd Do for Them" includes going camping.  Especially when the camping situation is such a good one. 

We went camping at a winery (Steinbeck's Winery) with some friends from church.  They have an annual camping trip, and we are glad we were able to go this year.  There were 17 families in all, times 2.2 kids (or so), so there was a lot of activity going around camp.  The kids had a ball running around, going fishing, snacking, and anything else that came to little kids' minds.

Rebecca did a great job of not freaking out with all the bugs around our camp, tent, food, etc.  Pincher bugs were the main uninvited guests.  They were crawling around everywhere.  She did a really good job of not screaming when about a dozen of them were crawling around in our cooler.
As for me, I got to go fishing for the first time in a long while.  I also got to shoot guns.  Prior to this trip my shooting experiences stop at bb guns and shooting a shotgun once or twice back when I was in junior high.  I shot the following guns:

9mm Beretta


With apologies to all gun owners and aficionados, I tried my best to match what I shot with these pictures.  I left out the "child bb rifle", or at least that's what it felt like.  I unloaded one clip each with the .45 and the 9mm.  I shot about 7 times with the SKS...which was awesome.  I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Raw Deal.

 We spent two nights there (about 42 hours), which was just the right amount of time.  We were all worn out Sunday morning.  Jackson slept the whole way home.  Brooklyn took a nice 3.5 hour nap (normal is around 2 hours).  As for Rebecca and I, we are looking forward to sleeping in our own bed without thoughts of what may or may not be crawling towards our mouths as we sleep.

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  1. so glad you guys had a great time. you just about scared me half to death, when i saw the last picture. i actually thought it was jack sleeping with that HUGE spider.