Sunday, April 25, 2010

Come on People!!

Why do people drive the speed limit or slower and drive in the fast/passing lane?  Is there a lack of education on the etiquette of driving by the driving schools or parents?  It really is ridiculous how slow some people drive in the fast lane.  

If you want to drive slow (for whatever dumb reason), then enjoy your ride in the slow lane.  Especially on a two lane highway.  Move your donkey (or whatever you call your slow vehicle) over to the right lane and let people drive normal in the left lane.  

So when I'm driving 10 mph over the speed limit (give or take), and another car is rapidly approaching me, I move over and let him (or I guess it could be a her) go by.  No harm done.  No thoughts of "Well I'll show him that he needs to slow down!"

What is the appropriate way to "encourage" the driver in front of you to move over?  Pray for enlightenment?  Flash your lights and honk your horn?  Hope that the cell service will drop the call?  See how close you can get to the car in front of you until you can go around them, then cut them off?

Honestly, if you are a slow driver, and are willing to admit it, please comment on the best way to get you to move over?

Oh, and when you give me "The Finger" as I pass you, it only gives me pleasure.

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  1. When it comes to drivers, in my professional opinion, the masses are "donkeys." It is called “Cranial Rectal Syndrome.” You will know if you have the condition if you hear an echo when you are driving/talking.

    Many fast lane drives are committed to pulling to the right only IF they need to. How about driving in the right lanes all the time and using the left lane to pass? Novel idea? Then you can put your brain on auto-pilot and enjoy your echo chambered nap.

    Being the professionally trained driver that I “was”, I drive to the right regularly, passing at will because of all the knuckleheads clogging the left lanes. The key is to look ahead and figure out where the traffic openings are, then driving to them, which is usually to the right. I don't mean weaving in and out of traffic, I mean driving intentionally, changing lanes well in advance.

    Then there is the side-by-side drivers, for miles… Do they think there is a special place in heaven for them?

    Another peeve: MOTORCYCLE RENT-A-COPS. One of my favorite things to do is passing a motorcycle Rent-a-Cop at about 90. You know, the kind who holds up the complete flow of traffic because the unsuspecting masses are afraid it is a real cop.

    Recently I came up next to one who had everyone going 65. I worked my way through traffic up next to him in my Corvette, looked at him with a smile, then dumped it into 3rd and blasted up to 90 in the wide open space in front of everyone. The rest of the masses just stayed in line with him. Is that the equivalent of flipping him the bird?

    By the way, you will know if they are real or not by the small blue lights on the right and left side of their rear license plate. Capt EZ, ret.