Saturday, February 20, 2010

Frosh/Soph Update

Things are looking up for the Frosh/Soph team.  This week I've gained a few sophomores who didn't make the starting line up for JV, and elected to move down to my team.  Winter sports are over and a few guys from basketball, wrestling, and soccer have come out as well.  We don't make cuts, so we are up to 30 deep! (Getting playing time might be a little bit of an issue for some.)

I finally have guys who can legitimately play the infield.  I even have competition for infield spots!!

Challenge #1 is to find guys who can throw strikes consistently.  

After today's scrimmage, I think I found one or two guys.  

The field was pretty sloppy after it rained the night before, so that limited the action.  It was a scrimmage and we didn't keep score (even though I was asked every inning what the score was by the players.)  We hit the ball harder, made more plays defensively, and our pitchers hit more batters than the other team. 

So I'd say we left with a mutual, unspoken agreement that we were the better team today.  In about a month, we'll officially find out when we meet them again.

First game is March 2nd.  Here's to starting off the season better than last year (a 5 to 17 loss).

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