Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dumb Idea That Made Tons of Money

A dumb idea can make a lot of money.  Don't believe me...

Exhibit A - The Pet Rock
Pick up a rock, package it, sell it, and make a ton of dough.

Exhibit B - The Pet Rock App
Yes people may have been duped in the 70s, but even now people have bought the dumb app for their smart phone.  Some of the comments left for this app are summed up with, "This app does nothing.  This is stupid.  What a waste of money."  What did you think you were buying???

Exhibit C - Bottled Water.

Once upon a time water was free.  There is a theory out there that bottled water started with a bet.  "Hey a bet I could sell water to people."  "Um, water is free.  Who would pay for it?"  "I'll just say it's better than free water."  Now, people buy it like it's toilet paper.

Exhibit D - New York City Garbage.

It's not garbage, it's art.  What a crock.  But for $50, you can buy trash from "New York City".  Oh la la!

Exhibit E -  Hello Cow

For $0.99 you can buy an app that has this picture of a cow.  Touch it and it moos.  That's it. 

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