Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Season Begins

You may recall that I coach the frosh/soph baseball team at the high school I work at (Bakersfield High).  Today we had our first real games, well kind of real.

Usually we play 7 innings or a two hour time limit.  The tournament we are in has a 1 hour time limit, AND a 5 run rule (after 5 runs, your team is done hitting.)  Kind of like Little League.

We played two high schools that were not very good.  First game we won 7 to 2 in 3 innings.

The second game we played 3 innings, but we only batted twice.  The second game was very odd.  The first five batters all walked, all stole 2nd base, either stole third base or moved over on a wild pitch, and then went home on another wild pitch. 

5 batters, 5 walks, 5 runs.

Same story in the second inning.

We got NO HITS and WON 10 to 0.

Gotta love frosh/soph baseball!  (Unless your team is the one that can't do anything right - been there, done that.)

Next games are on Saturday, where it should be more of the same in the first game, but then "real" competition after that. 

So our record is 2-0 right now.  I'll take it.  We'll see how the rest of the year plays out.

Go Drillers!

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